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Confidential WebSite Success Manifesto (CWSM)!


CWSM (Confidential Website Success Manifesto) Part 1 is a no BS 73 page highly valuable information book in pdf format. It covers stuff you need to know if you plan to have a website; or rather, even if you already have one. CWSM will help you know more about:

  • The most important thing you need to know before planning for a website (and hence avoiding a disaster situation).
  • Unbiased tips on selecting a web hosting provider.
  • A reality check - Why you really want a website for?
  • Ways to make money from a website.
  • List of advertising programs and affiliate networks.
  • Step by step method of finding the best niches to market a product or service (online market research).
  • Complete information on healthy computing (like best body postures, angles and distances; common risks and their solutions, useful exercises for power computer users, avoiding hazards and other related diseases, etc)


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CWSM Table Bottom
Web Hosting & Web Site Success Guide
CWSM Volume 2 is now out!

This is actually a 3-in-1 guide:

The first part is a complete course on copywriting, especially for websites. It teaches you in detail how to write content and killer sales copy for your website, what to include and what to avoid, information on keywords and headlines, etc.

The second part of the guide is related to web design tips. You will learn how to plan your website layout, how to keep visitors coming back, how to generate revenue, good design practices, how to get your site built for pennies on the dollar, importance of a site map, improving usability of your site, mistakes to avoid, optimizing for search engines, etc.

The third and a very important part of the guide focuses on conversion. It gives not one or two, but fifteen surefire ways to increase sales from your website!

CWSM Volume 3 is now out!

This is actually a 4-in-1 guide:

1. Forum Marketing - How to market your products or servfices using online forums.
2. Social Marketing - How to use social networking websites to your advantage to promote yourself, your products and your services.
3. Twitter Marketing - Everything you wanted to know about how to use twitter, creating your profile, twitter etiquette, getting followers, twitter plugins, tools and services, etc.
4. Time Management for internet marketers: Everything you need to know how to effectively manage your time, identifying and avoiding most common time wasting habits, setting goals, implementing time management plans, delegation, time management tools, and a sample plan for your reference.

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