eMail Marketing

Over the past several years, email marketing has consistently proven to be the number one marketing medium across most business sectors for the following reasons:

Extremely low cost, obviously!
Fastest tracking of response and success. Sometimes, in minutes.
Increase conversion of website visitors to paying clients.
Effectively ensure that prospects buy from you instead of your competitors.
Automate your follow-up marketing process.
Build long term trust and credibility.
Convert lost clients to returning clients.
Increase your ROI
Personalize all messages the way you want!
Send emails from your own email address via the system.
Highest Return on Investment, as compared to any other medium (Source: Direct Marketing Association).

If you’re not yet using a system for email marketing, sending newsletters, autoresponder followup to prospective clients, product / service updates, auto unsubscribe validation, etc, OR you’re using one but would like to switch over to a better, more economical system, this is the right time! We offer 2 types of email sending systems, shared environment and dedicated environment.

Shared Environment: This is more popular with most of our clients. In shared environment there are 2 types of offers, lifetime valid and monthly credit.

Lifetime Validity: If you do not need to send emails frequently, you can choose the lifetime validity plans. You simply purchase the plan with the number of credits you wish to use. You can then use them any time, eternally! For example if you purchase the smallest plan i.e. 25000 email credits you can send 500 emails today, 1000 emails after 6 months etc till you exhaust all 25000. Below is the pricing:

Plan credits INR USD eMail Speed Pay One Time!
A-1 25000 1500 24 500 /hr Order Now
A-2 50000 2750 43 500 /hr Order Now
A-3 100000 5000 77 750 /hr Order Now
A-4 200000 9000 139 750 /hr Order Now
A-5 500000 20000 308 1000 /hr Order Now
A-6 1000000 35000 539 1000 /hr Order Now
A-7 2000000 60000 924 1250 /hr Order Now

Monthly Credit System: If you need to send emails more regularly you can choose the monthly credit plans below (there is no carry forward for unused credits):

Plan credits/m INR USD max emails/hr Pay Monthly!
B-1 15000 600 10 1000 Order Now
B-2 25000 950 15 2000 Order Now
B-3 50000 1800 28 3000 Order Now
B-4 75000 2550 40 4000 Order Now
B-5 100000 3200 50 5000 Order Now
B-6 150000 4500 70 6000 Order Now
B-7 200000 5600 87 7000 Order Now

Addons with the monthly credit plans:
Survey form – Free
Dedicated IP address (optional) – 4200/- per year including rDNS, DKIM, SPF
For full feature list, click here to download.

Dedicated Environment: Based on your requirement, we can offer you a custom made solution which you can use to send from 500 emails to 5000 emails per hour. We’ll also put you on a dedicated IP address which will eliminate all chances of being blocked due to misuse by other clients on the same server. In fact, we’ll put you on a virtual private server so that you alone will use the resources of the server – no sharing business. No server loading because of script loading issues by another client.

In addition, we’ll let you use ar licensed software for free! The software will allow you to:

Add unlimited contacts (Name, email address, phone, country, etc)
Create unlimited groups (prospective buyers, suppliers, clients, friends, relatives, etc)
Create any number of auto-responders for sequential email followup
Send unlimited broadcast emails instantly or scheduled on particular day/time to desired groups
Track email open / link click rate (for html emails only)
Social media sharing of campaigns like facebook, twitter, etc

500 emails/hr INR 3250 / USD 50 per month *
1000 emails/hr INR 4290 / USD 66 per month *
1500 emails/hr INR 5330 / USD 82 per month *
2000 emails/hr INR 6370 / USD 98 per month *
2500 emails/hr INR 7410 / USD 114 per month *
3000 emails/hr INR 8450 / USD 130 per month *
3500 emails/hr INR 9490 / USD 146 per month *
4000 emails/hr INR 10530 / USD 162 per month *
4500 emails/hr INR 11570 / USD 178 per month *
5000 emails/hr INR 12610 / USD 194 per month *

 * One Time Setup Charges of INR 5850 / USD 90 applies
For full feature list, click here to download.

Email marketing benefits:

1. Personalize your emails: Even if you have 5000 subscribers in your list, you can send an email to all of them in a personalized format at a given time! No need to send individual emails. We give you a special code which will allow you to send emails to your list and greet them by their first names (or their full names if you prefer). You can also add other things you have captured beforehand like their IP address, location, etc.

2. Unlimited subscribers and lists: The system allows you to add unlimited subscribers and even segment them as per your requirement.

3. You choose the occasion: Whether you wish to send a newsletter, a special time limited offer (maybe seasonal), an urgent announcement, an invitation, or anything, you can do it using this system. You can even choose to send emails to only clients, or only prospects, or only suppliers, etc depending on how you have segmented your subscribers.

4. Build trust with your subscribers: Everybody knows that it takes more than one communication instance to build trust, to convert prospects into paying clients. Our system will allow you to automate the process by enabling you to allow your website visitors to opt-in to your mailing list and then send them sequential emails as per your needs.

5. Compliance with legalities: All our email marketing offers come fully compliant with the laws that govern this business, such as double opt-in and one click unsubscribe.

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