Support FAQs

Do you keep a watch on my website 24x7x365?

Yes and No! While we do not monitor individual websites, we monitor our servers round the clock to see if they are functioning correctly. So if our servers are functioning properly, then your websites will, if they’re hosted by us.

Are there any exceptions to this?

There could be several reasons why a website hosted by us is not reachable even if the servers are up and running perfectly. The most common of them are:

  1. Your website does not point to our servers. For a website to resolve to our servers, it is essential that you change the name servers of that domain to the ones we provide you. You can verify this by checking the whois for that domain. Depending on the hosting plan, you can find the required name servers to be pointed to from within your client area.
  2. Sometimes ISP routing errors make a website unreachable in selected geographical areas. If your website is not reachable and you’re unsure of a routing problem, you can send us the traceroute results for the domain for us to investigate further.
  3. You may not have renewed your domain name. If the domain has been purchased through us, our system will send you several renewal reminders well in advance before its expiry.
  4. Your account may not be paid for. If your hosting account was due for renewal and you did not renew it, your account could get suspended. You can login into your client area of our automated billing system and check for any pending invoices. Once you make the payment, they will be restored immediately.

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